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Weight Loss Intensive

Huntington Chiropractic & Wellness will be offering a WEIGHT LOSS INTENSIVE — personal nutrition to achieve and maintain a healthy bodyweight, body image, and right relationship with food.


Lose the weight and keep it off, no counting calories or purchasing pre-packaged foods required. With applicable classes and personalized nutrition, you will learn how real food can heal your body and help normalize your weight. We believe in clean eating, with ingredients you can pronounce. We don’t believe in deprivation, points, gimmicks, contracts, packaged foods, endless supplements or detox diets. Personalized nutrition works, it’s practical and sustainable for your unique lifestyle. In 12 weeks, we will teach you how to use real nutrition to transform your body and right relationship with food while creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime!

Reasons to Choose Us?




“Yes! You guys are awesome. Thanks for taking care of my mom.”

- Katrina M. Johnson

11-time winner of "Best Chiropractor in Wood County"

Starting Monday March 11, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Over the last six years, 90% of participants see health benefits including:

  • Fat loss and improved body composition

  • Improved sleep and overall energy levels

  • Enhanced absorption and reduced cravings

  • Reduced heartburn, bloat, and digestive issues

  • Less inflammatory aches and pains

  • Hope for a healthier and renewed life

The road to personal well-being is not “one size fits all.” That is why our program combines group classes with personalized interactions from a Functional Medicine Nutritionist for individual attention to discover your keys to attainment. Plus, you will also get group support to keep you motivated, or accountable, depending on the day.


Better Together! Not only will you learn from your nutrition educators, but your fellow classmates, too! In class and through our Facebook page, you can ask as many questions as you’d like, learn new ideas, and feel the comradery and sense of community of a group. Equally importantly, our nutrition educator knows how to guide you on your health journey because they have been in your shoes. John Mark has lost 60 pounds, kept it off for years, and has a genuine desired to help others achieve the same, great results!

Class Topics at a Glance

  • Week 1:  Why Eat, Nutrigenomics

  • Week 2:  What to Eat, The Formula for Successful Eating

  • Week 3:  What to Eat, Therapeutic Diets  

  • Week 4:  What to Eat, Variety, the Spice of Life

  • Week 5:  What not to Eat, Conquering Carbs

  • Week 6:  What not to Eat, Culprits and Suspects

  • Week 7:  What to Eat, Simple Swaps

  • Week 8:  How to Eat, Eating for Energy

  • Week 9:  How to Eat, Eating for Satiety

  • Week 10:  When to Eat, Meal Spacing, Intermittent Fasting

  • Week 11:  Where to Eat, Location, Location, Location

  • Week 12:  What to Drink, Hydration

  • Bonus: My Movement Menu

What You'll Receive:

  • 12 one-hour classes taught by certified nutrition educators, passionate about helping you feel your best

  • A special bonus session to uncover ways you will enjoy moving and strengthening your body

  • Access and personal interactions and health coaching with your nutritionist  

  • Individualized diet planning, removing the guesswork out of what you should and shouldn't be eating

  • Inclusion in the wellness Facebook page moderated by top health and nutrition educators

  • All of this for just $480. Normally $780. Save $300!  

Extra Offer

Sign up with a friend and you will both receive $25 Wellness Bucks! To receive this discount, call 419-285-6496 to enroll and mention your friend's name. Wellness Bucks can be used for additional products or services.

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